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At our clinic, we specialize in conservative treatments of musculoskeletal conditions, especially spine-related conditions.

Our goal is simple: we want to help eliminate your pain, discomfort, and stress, so you can get back to what you like to do in life.  We achieve this goal using natural, non-invasive, and holistic approaches, such as chiropractic and massage therapy.  

Additionally, we address lifestyle factors related to your condition (ie. weight loss program, rehab exercises, ergonomics) to prevent your condition from recurring. Please check out the services tab to see the unique services we provide.    








What Sets Us Apart



  1. Short to No Wait Time: we have a big waiting room but we do realize your time is important.  We strive to get you in at your exact appointment time and promise not to have you wait more than 7 minutes at the most (after you complete your paperwork, of course).

  2. Convenient Hours: we are the only chiropractic clinic in Pflugerville to offer Saturday hours.  Our later evening hours also allow busy individuals like you to visit us and get the treatment you need.

  3. Evidence-Based: we only utilize treatment techniques that are research-proven to be effective.  We follow the most updated clinical protocol and guidelines in our treatment approach to ensure efficient and quick recovery.  We will not suggest long, dragged-out, pre-paid treatment plans.

  4. Team Approach: we realize that health and disease is a multi-faceted phenomenon, and successful treatment may depend on addressing several factors concurrently.  That is why our clinic is set up with multiple healthcare disciplines: to optimize your outcome.  At PWC, we offer chiropractic, massage therapy, weight loss coaching, rehab exercise, nutritional supplements, ergonomics, etc. (acupuncture - coming up soon), in order to deliver a customized, patient-centered healthcare.  And, if we can't help you, we will refer to someone who can.  









News //

Online Scheduling!

July 8th, 2020

We are delighted that you have visited our site and might be considering scheduling an appointment.  Currently, due to Covid-19 and social distancing concerns, we are not accepting online scheduling for new patients/physicals at this time until further notice.  Please call (512) 251-9686 to schedule your appointment.  Sorry about the inconvenience

Additionally, due to being short-staffed, our hours have changed slightly:

  • Monday: 9AM-1PM

  • Tuesday: Closed.

  • Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, 9AM-1PM; 3PM-6PM

  • Saturday: 10AM- 2PM 


Please call us (512)251-9686 to schedule your appointment!

Video //

The Value of Health

In this week's video blog, we want to show you how adding our Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program will not cost you an arm or a leg!


Please visit our Ideal Protein Weight Loss page for more details!  We also have FREE workshops weekly, please attend to get more information, taste test the products and receive a discount on the program!


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